Coaching with Morten Jacobsen

“I have increased sales by 23%, during my 6 months of coaching with Morten Jacobson”, says the Sales Manager of a medium-sized business. Is this a reality, you would also like?

Do You Need Mental Coaching?

Some athletes have the mental skills to quickly surmount the challenges life and their sports careers offers them. They are often easy to spot, because it is them you find at the top of the podium.

Leadership Coaching

Du you want to strengthen your leadership, then a course of leadership coaching is something for you. The leaders I have had in a course of coaching have all come from vastly different backgrounds.


Are you jobless, or about to change jobs, then a process of outplacement, is something you need. In a process of outplacement we uncover your wishes, competences, options and values.

Career Coaching

It doesn’t matter, if you are about to begin your career, is about to change career, or just feel your career is stuck, then career coaching can benefit you.

Mental Training

Mental skills are what enables you to get the most out of your physical training in a competition situation, and utilize your abilities in the best possible way.

Mental Training for Youth Players.

Youth players have, if possible even more challenges to navigate than adult athletes. At the same time as the sports, there is also school to attend.

Stress Coaching

We have about 70,000 thoughts every day. When we engage in thoughts that causes us anxiety, it is potentially stress-triggering. Read more below.

Who am I?

My interest in helping other people with their personal growth, have inspired me to start my own practice as a mental coach.


You are welcome to call or write me, if you wants to know if coaching or mental training could be something which could be beneficial for you.



Klokkens Kvarter 92,
5220 Odense SØ