Parental coaching

You probably want the best for your child, just like any other parent. As a parent of an elite athlete, you follow your child from the first row and experiences all the joys and sorrows your child experiences in connection with his sport. You also know just how much energy and how much emotion your child puts into his sport.

If you can recognize any of the issues below and you would like to be the best possible parental support for your child in its sports life, then you can greatly benefit from a coaching course. You could also book a 3-hour workshop with other parents in your club and thereby get a lot of good advice and input on how you can best help your child to a successful sports career.

Being at the mercy of your emotions

As parents, we are naturally very much affected by the large fluctuations in the emotional register that our child experiences. Add to this victories and defeats and the unpleasantness of the fact that there are actually other children and parents who will prevent our child from achieving the success and joy we want for them.

How do you tackle those situations? How do you handle the notoriously impartial judges? How do you deal emotionally with your child’s successes and failures?

Does your handling of your own emotions benefit your child’s athletic career?

Parent ambitions

Can you also see yourself in the mirror and 100% honestly say that you yourself have no ambitions for your child?

You probably can not – and I hope you can not. ALL parents have ambitions on behalf of our children. Whatever it is about Olympic gold, higher grades in school, education, popularity among friends, we want the best for our children.

Ambitions on behalf of our children are not necessarily bad. But everything in moderation, when the ambitions are an expression that strengthens our own self-esteem then it becomes bad. That kind of ambitions will directly harm your child’s sports career.

Your role in your child’s (sports) life

As a parent, you need to be aware that your role as a parent is to be just that – a parent. Your child will always see you as a parent no matter what role you are trying to take on.

There are many involved in your child’s sports life and they each have their function.

It is important that you as a parent stick to your particular role, the parenting role. Your child can very easily get confused if mum or dad starts interfering in tactics, training methods, or the like. When your child needs mental support, there can also be pitfalls if you as a parent want to take on that role.

Therefore, first and foremost, be mum or dad to your child.

Parent coaching can be offered as a workshop in your club or association, where I over 3 hours will give good advice and work with the parents in the association to create a better parental support and atmosphere on the sidelines.

If you want an individual course where you learn to optimize your parenting role or if you have special challenges as a parent, this is of course also an option. Call and hear more about what I can offer.

Parent Coaching Course

Become a better parent to your elite sports child.

5 hours focusing on your role as a parent of an elite sports child. Including.

  • Work on behavior
  • Clarification of values.
  • Advice and exercises for the role of parent in elite sports.

After the course, you will be able to support your elite sports child in a whole new and more supportive and constructive way.

Mental training course

Are you interested in a mental training course?

Parent workshop

Maybe a parenting workshop is just the thing for you.

Mental Training for Youth Players

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Team development

The most important thing is that everyone pulls in the same direction.



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