Team development

For a team, the most important thing is that everyone pulls in the same direction. Of course, everyone wants to win, but ambition levels can be different, both for the team and individually. Therefore, one of the most important things on the team is to create some common values, a common culture and some common goals for the team.

However, that is not enough to avoid the challenges that can be on a team. Conflicts can easily arise, and there may be a few participants on the team who experience crises.

Everyone, who has played team sports is aware that sometime the team just works really well, and other time a team that on paper looks strong cannot make it work. Sometimes you also see that a very successful team, which may secure first place in the series, the promotion, or perhaps even the championship, in the subsequent season does not work nearly as well at all. Despite being the same team, coach, etc.

All of these conditions can be worked on.

A first step is a joint team clarification where values and culture, goals, etc. are determined. In the first phase, work is also done with the motivation of the team and with tools to achieve the right level of excitement.

Subsequently, work will be done to build up and maintain the culture and values, and objectives must be followed up on. This will be done through regular team development interviews, and individual interviews, so that the process is kept on track at all times.

In this process, emerging conflicts, dips in form, or the likes can be quickly tracked down and remedied.

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