Mental training course

“The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus.”Bruce Lee

Mental training with Morten Jacobsen

Mental training is, as the name suggests, a form of training that aims at improving your mental state in situations where you need to perform. Like all other forms of training, it must be built up over time and maintained. If you have not previously practiced mental training you will get the most out of building up your mental resilience over a period of time.

From your physical training, you will know about concepts such as basic form, competition preparation, recovery and injury treatment. In exactly the same way you can view mental training. You must have resilience (basic form), you must prepare yourself mentally for competitions, and you may face periods where you need to recover mentally or have disappointments about not being chosen or failing results treated.

Three areas of mental training

The mental training I offer is built around three different areas of mental training, I have named the three areas so you can separate them from you physical training. The areas are:

  • Mental basic form
  • Competition preparation
  • Injury treatment/recovery

This structure is significantly different from the structure used by several traditional mental trainers. In traditional mental training, a lot of focus is given to competition preparation and injury treatment.

When you receive mental training with me, there will be a great focus on the basic mental form based on the view that the better you mental preparedness is, the less the need for competition preparation and “injury treatment” is, which have also been shown to apply in practice.

Mental basic form

In order to build up our basic mental form, besides working with your goals as an athlete, we also work on some more basic elements, such as values, beliefs and your identity.

Competition preparation

For competition preparation, an imminent competition is the focus of the work. This is about focusing on the impending, through, among other things, visualizations. It can also be about dealing with anxiety or dealing with a dread opponent.

Injury treatment/recovery

Injury treatment and recovery is about restoring your mental strength and belief in yourself after disappointments, defeats, periods of dips in fitness, or in periods where your are plagued by injuries and therefore unable to practice your sport.

Mental training course

Over a course of 8 appointments, we will work with all areas of mental training. There will be time to build your basic mental form, while at the same time working on current competitions.

During the course we work with:

  • Your dreams and goals
  • Your daily motivation for training, self-training, eating right, getting adequate sleep, etc.
  • Your focus and energy during training and competition.
  • Your ability to overcome any performance anxiety or other conditions that hamper your performance.
  • Your values and what is important to you both in terms of your sport, but also outside your sport
  • your beliefs, that is, what you think about yourself and your abilities.
  • Your identity as an athlete

The course builds up your basic mental form and this will make it much easier for you to focus both on training and competition. As well as returning after disappointments. If there are areas that cause you special problems, we will of course work further in this area.

The course is completed over 8 appointments and after a completed course, many describe that they feel clarified. Or as a runner described it:
“In the past, I would sometimes struggle with getting out running in the morning and I would think it was hard. Now it’s like I’m just doing it without thinking about it

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