5 great tips for making a career change

A career change is a big decision for many. You have to leave everything you know and are good at to embark on something completely new. It can seem to intimidating to some that they refrain from it even though they feel stuck in their current career. There can be...

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Can you identify with your career goal?

One of the most crucial factors for whether you reach your career goal is whether you can identify with the position or position you are striving for. Try, for example, thinking about different positions in working life. Then think about what identity is associated...

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10 career tips most have discovered too late

During the summer vacation, when work have become a little distant and I have had a chance to slowly recharge, I often get a lot of ideas. Ideas about what I would like to begin - and often thoughts about changing job will also pop up at this time. Maybe you also...

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Is a successful career the way to a happy life?

Most will, after a short thought, probably answer no to the above questions. Yet there are many who hunts very ambitious career goals. Now there is help from Science, which provides an answer to the question. In a study that has run over a period of 79 years,...

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5 tips for senior job search

Are you too old to find a new job when you are over 60 (or 50)? A nice positive story has hit the media today (Monday 21/10). The newspaper Danmark describes an article with the headline “Do not fear a firing; Seniors find jobs in a big way ”, that there is hope ahead...

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A layoff does not have to be a disaster

It does not have to be a disaster being laid off Throughout a long career, many at one point experience being laid off. Being laid off is often a hard experience to get thorough and will often be followed by a rather depressed period. I myself have experienced being...

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