If you want to strengthen your leadership, then leadership coaching is something for you.

The managers I have coached, have come from a wide range of backgrounds, and provided me with insights into the many different faces of leadership. Leadership can be running a grocery store, managing a kindergarten, it can be being owner and manager of an entrepreneurship, it can be being the department head of a store, it can be being the sales manager in a larger IT company, it can be being the director and CEO of a larger company, etc. etc.

Despite the many different types of leaders I have come across, there still are some overshadowing and consistent features of the topics my clients would like to work with.
The three recurring topics, the leaders I have coached have expressed a desire to work on is:

  • Self-management
  • Communication
  • Authentic management and leadership style


Are you afflicted with constantly being a bit behind on work? Perhaps you keep getting interrupted or have difficulties in prioritize your assignments. How do you get structure in the workday? How do you prioritize your assignments when there are more assignments than there is time for? How do you get the energy for strategic thinking, when the daily operations take up all the resources? I can give some concrete and detailed tools to structure your workday better. But even better; through coaching interviews I will challenge your beliefs about what to undertake and what you should be able to do. After a completed course, you should be able to structure your workday and prioritize your assignments, in such a way as to gain more energy to develop your business or department.


When I coach managers, I often hear stories about misunderstandings and conflicts, which are often rooted in bad communications from the manager himself.

To communicate in the right way may sound banal, but it can make a huge difference in your leadership. Even though the message is the same, it certainly matters how it is said.

During a course of leadership coaching, we will work on your communications skills, so that you are able to deliver your messages in an empathic, decent, and motivating way.

A sales manager I coached, had received a resignation from an exceptionally skilled salesman on the same day we had an appointment. Together we used the entire time to plan the strategy and communication to the salesman. The next day the sales manager succeed in persuading the salesman to retract his resignation, entirely by choosing the right communication strategy.

Authentic leadership

One of the myths that still exists in management today, is that the manager must be better at all tasks than his team and should be able to guide and provide solutions to the challenges that emerges along the way. This, of course, limits the performance of the team, because talents or experts on the team would be unable to exploit their potential.

My courses of leadership coaching are based on the concept called authentic leadership.
Authentic leadership is basically all about being yourself. It sounds simple, but rarely is. Few people can say that they have not from time to time, taken actions that are contrary to their own values or beliefs.
Most often it goes wrong because you as a manager are not quite sure of what your values and beliefs are, and maybe even your identity as a leader.

The authentic leader works towards greater goals than his own career and status, puts his team at the center and makes sure that they always thrive and have as good an opportunity as possible to carry out their work.

The authentic leader is mindful and open about his own strengths and weakness and is not afraid of revealing his weaknesses in the team.
There are great benefits to being an authentic leader. For your employees it is about having a boss that they “know”. This provides security, and security among your employees or in the team will give better results.

“I improved the result of the sales division by 23%,
after a course of coaching”

– Sales manager, former client

During a course of coaching with focus on authentic leadership you will get to know yourself, to become well-balanced and without fear of not doing “the right thing”. You will be more able to act on your own values and beliefs.
In the process, you will define exactly what your leadership task is based on your competencies and values, and you will feel confident in your management style, with the awareness that it is the right one for you.

I offer the following courses:

All courses take place exclusively as one on one courses and are therefore both intensive and highly effective.

The basis course: Is for you who are well satisfied with your own management style but feel that there is something that is still not completely satisfactory as a leader in your workday, then the basic course is something for you.

In the basic course, there will be an opportunity to work with the topics that concern you and your management the most. There will also be the opportunity to go a little deeper with single topics. Those, that chooses a basis course, will typically work with self-management or with their communication.

The professional course: is for you who have the courage to take the step further in relation to the basic package – where we often work with current challenges. In the professional course, there is opportunity to work, more with your personality and leadership style.

A professional course will give you a better insight and security in who you are as a leader, and at the same time more energy in the form of better self-management. Likewise, you will have access to tools that will bring your qualities better into play.

The VIP course: is for you who want to take your management to the next level, and create better results for yourself, your department, or company, it is a VIP course you must choose.

A VIP course will give you a strengthened leadership identity through working with your values and beliefs. It will strengthen your communication skills and your way of structuring and guiding yourself.

Your day-to-day management will reflect a clear connection between your management identity, the values you stand for, and your daily behavior. In short, you will emerge as an authentic leader.

Career Coaching

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