Leadership Coaching

I have increased sales by 23% during my 6 months of coaching with Morten Jacobson,” says the Sales Manager of a medium-sized business.

Is this a reality, you would also like? Everybody knows, that motivated and engaged employees increases revenues, lowers sick leave, and decreases employee turnover.
Through a course in leadership coaching you, or one of your managers, can achieve increased leadership skills, improve communication skills, and be able to radiate more authenticity. In short – become a better leader.

Career Coaching

“I discovered that to date my personality and career choices pointed in opposite directions. With Morten I found a way to combine the two, so that I now have been able to find my dream job.”

Would you like to ensure, that you make the right career choices? Are you stuck in your career; or are your current job no longer motivating? A individual course of career coaching clarifies, what it takes to reach your career goals, and land your dream job. Through personality tests, competency clarification, and job satisfaction analysis we set a clear goal for your career, as well as a plan on how to reach your goal.
During the process we also consider your other wishes in life, such as family lifestyle etc. We therefore have a 360° view, so we can find the career that is exactly right for you.


“After being fired, I got a job coaching course with Morten Jacobsen. I was choosy about my new job, but with my increased awareness of my competences, and my job requirements and wishes I secured a job that fit all parameters.”

Have reality not followed the plans, are your company facing closure of business areas, cutbacks, the moving of offices or other conditions that forces employees to leave the company, then a outplacement process is specific targeted this. An outplacement process is an individual course, where the full focus is on creating new opportunities based on the needs and wishes of the individual. The process consists of personality tests, competency analysis, CV building, as well as sparring with the applications and the job search process. Along the way 1:1 coaching sessions are offered about job application and job interviews.

Leadership Coaching

Would you like to strengthen your leadership? See more below.

Career Coaching

A career coaching course can be beneficial for you.



Are you without work, or are you about to change job?



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