Facts about stress:

Fact: 60% of danish leaders can identify stress and dissatisfaction but 71% do not know how to tackle it. A survey by AS3which asked over 200 leaders, documented this.

430,000 Danes have symptoms of severe stress every day. This corresponds to approximately 12% of the population.
Up to one in four sick leave is due to a poor mental work environment. This corresponds to 35,000 Danes who are on sick leave every day due to psychosocial factors. Stress costs society 14 billion kroner a year in the form of sick days, early deaths and health care costs.

Stress is the cause of one million days of absence annually, 30,000 hospitalizations and 500,000 visits to the doctor each year.
According to the World Health Organization WHO,stress will be one of the most significant sources of illness in 2020.

What is stress?

We have about 70,000 thoughts every day. When we engage in thoughts that causes us anxiety, it is potentially stress-triggering. Stress is thus a reaction we get when we spend too much time and energy on worry and negative thoughts.

My stress coaching is based on metacognitive principles and teaches you simple and effective techniques to control which thoughts you engage in and thereby enable you to avoid stress.

Stress coaching is based on teaching you to control your thoughts so that your thoughts are not allowed to trigger a stress reaction. In that context, you will find that it is less important what is the cause of your stress.


The stress coaching course


A stress coaching course consists of a maximum of 5 treatments. Most are stress free after 3 treatments. During the process, we monitor your condition and measure your stress levels, so that we are sure that we reach our goal. Traditionally, people with stress symptoms have 10-15 psychologist interviews before they feel they are on their feet again. Often accompanied by long sick leaves. The MINDStrain method is among other based on metacognitive principles and methods. The method has a documented effect and the vast majority will be stress-free after 3-5 treatments.







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