Hourly rate when booking 1:1 coaching

kr. 1500,-

3 hours coaching

kr. 3995,-

Minimum 5 hours coaching

kr. 5995,-

Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching Basis

kr. 3.995,-

Leadership Coaching Prof

kr. 5.995,-

Leadership Coaching VIP

kr. 8.995,-

Career Coaching

Career Coaching Basis

kr. 4.650,-

Career Coaching Prof

kr. 5.995,-

Career Coaching VIP

kr. 8.995,-

Outplacement process

Outplacement Basis

kr. 5.995,-

Outplacement Prof

kr. 8.995,-

Outplacement VIP

kr. 14.995,-

Mental Training

Hourly rate when booking 1:1 mental training

kr. 1.500,-

3 hours mental training

kr. 3.995,-

5 hours mental training

kr. 5.995,-

Mental training course

Course over 8 sessions is

kr. 8.995,-

Regularly mental training appointment

If you want a permanently attached mental trainer over a longer period of time, it will be possible to agree on special terms.

Mental training of Youth Players

(MAXIMUM U19 at the start of the course).
If you are a youth player I offer a special price.

Price for 5 hours

kr. 4.495,-

Parent Coaching Course

Course of 3 sessions of 1 hour each

Total price kr. 3.995,-

Lecture for parents / workshop

3 hour workshop Call for special offers for this workshop

kr. 9.950,- plus milage.

Stress Coaching

Following the MINDStrain method

3-5 treatments

kr. 5.995,-


Klokkens Kvarter 92,
5220 Odense SØ